Yale Simpson was previously the Co-Chairman of Exeter Resource Corporation was acquired in 2017 by Goldcorp in a transaction valued at approximately $247 million. He is a professional geologist with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Geological Engineering) from the University of British Columbia. Yale has more than 30 years’ experience as a senior geologist, exploration manager and CEO of companies involved in precious metals projects in Australia, Africa, Eastern Europe and South America. Those companies include Pennzoil Company, Chevron Exploration, Australmin Holdings, Argosy Gold Mines and Black Swan Gold Mines Ltd.

He was Co-chairman of Extorre Gold Mines Ltd., a successful spinout from Exeter, which was bought by Yamana Gold Ltd. in 2012. His particular expertise is in strategic resource planning, financing and corporate communications. Yale is currently a director of Rugby Mining Limited, and Chairman of Adamera Minerals Corp.